6 podcast and business tips

1. Podcast idea: Use 15-second bumpers to encourage podcast listeners to click on your website pay per click ads and to promote your podcast sponsors.

2. Saving your talk podcast as 64 kbps mono MP3 is acceptable audio. For music, save it at least as 96 kbps stereo MP3 (128 kbps is better).

3. To boost sales and to gain credibility, get a toll free number (see next tip on where to get one), put your address on your website, and offer online shopping if possible.

4. Make a great first impression when people call your business  with a cloud-hosted and virtual phone system such as FreedomVoice. It’s amazingly low in price!

5. Consider buying Google AdWords when first launching a business . Start off spending $5 a day and build from there.

6. If you’re not editing the mistakes out of your podcasts, you’re not doing your listeners a favor. Audiobag offers audio editing and enhancing.

We hope these first tips are helpful. Remember, if you need help with your audio, you can order online from us 24 hours a day at Audiobag.com

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