Observations from a waiting room

Today I’m writing this post in a dentist’s waiting room where I brought my 93 year-old mother for her appointment. Life is a cycle. I remember her taking me to the dentist back in my childhood. Now I’m the one taking her. The waiting room is quite nice with everything looking perfect. Perfectly painted walls, perfectly chosen wall hangings, perfectly selected wood flooring, and perfectly selected visual branding in the office area (so you’ll know to whom to write the check). There’s one thing that’s not perfect, though.

There’s a big TV hanging on the wall and it’s blaring the sound of an audience going wild with enthusiastic applause for every little thing Rachael says. I have nothing against Rachael; it’s the loud noise blaring in the waiting room that I find objectionable. If I were deathly afraid of dentists and wanted to meditate before going under the knife (or drill, in this case), hearing special guest Emeril shouting “bam!” wouldn’t be helpful.

Branding is all about looking and sounding good. A TV in a dental office waiting room is a poor substitute for a more relaxing music service playing softly in the background. I’m not even sure how the administrative staff can concentrate. Wait … here comes my mother through the door into the waiting room. Wow! That was quick. Only 25 minutes to get a tooth pulled.

The first thing out of my mother’s mouth is, “Did you hear me scream in there? I screamed twice when they gave me two shots!”

Ah, so that explains the loud TV.

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