Writing an edgy podcast introduction

man_megaphoneIf your podcast subject matter allows you to choose between a podcast intro that has an edgy feel to it versus one with a straight-forward feel, I suggest you go for edgy. Here’s why:

There are thousands of podcasts out there that have ho-hum introductions. I know this because I’ve created a few of them. Not by choice, but because I was working from a fairly uninteresting script.

If you want to stand out, you’ve got to be memorable. And an edgy intro — when done right — will help get you started. Here’s an example podcast intro script with an edge:

(Male fast pace, tongue in cheek)

You’re 30 seconds away from learning how to create the edgiest podcast intro this side of your mattress (sound effect of squeeky mattress). You will learn … oops, I mean you’ll learn that contractions are not just for women in labor; heavy metal music isn’t the best choice for a podcast about poodles (insert 3 seconds of heavy metal music and then a quick sound effect of a small dog bark); and writing in all caps will only cause confusion with the voice talent (the bold text is to be read with a frantic loud voice and then the engineer breaks in and says, “Bob, calm down.”). And now, here’s your host of Cool Podcast Tips — audio engineer and North America’s leading producer of podcast intros — Jack Josey!

For an edgy script to work, the voice talent has to interpret it correctly, and the music and sound effects have to be spot on. You may want to bounce your script idea off of someone. If they “get it” and even laugh, you probably have a winner. Now, go be creative.

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