A simple trick that will improve your podcast

IMG_0011We’ve edited and enhanced many podcasts through the years and the biggest problem we hear in the recordings we enhance is the lack of good room acoustics. “Room acoustics” is simply how the room sounds once you turn on your microphone and start talking. Most podcasters don’t realize one very simple trick will drastically improve the sound of their podcast.

Before you start recording, hang a foam mattress pad or blanket behind your microphone. In fact, hang it on each side of you while you’re at it. You’ll cut down on the hollow sound you hear in your voice. If a mattress pad or blanket are hard to come by, then stack large pillows around you instead (this is especially ideal when you’re traveling and record from your hotel room).

That’s it.  It’s a simple solution to reducing or eliminating the dreaded hollow sound in your recordings. If, however, you get that hollow sound, we can help reduce it with our audio enhancing service at Audiobag.



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