How to have a cleaner sounding phone interview

Actual screenshot of the audio samples in this post. Notice how the guest’s volume is much louder (in fact, it’s overmodulated) than the interviewer’s volume.

When recording a phone interview for your podcast, one of the smartest things you can do is to put your microphone source (that’s you) on one track of your recording (track one), and your phone input source (your guest) on another track (for example, track two). Feed track one to the left channel recording input in your recording software program, and feed  track two to the right channel recording input. In other words, you’ll be on the left channel and your guest will be on the right channel of a stereo recording. That way, if your guest makes unwanted noise while you’re speaking, you or your audio engineer can mute your guest’s recorded track in post production (and vice versa in case you make unwanted noise).Let’s listen to a before and after example of what I’m talking about.

In the before editing audio sample you’ll hear what I mean. The podcaster recorded herself on the left channel, and she chose the right channel to record her guest. You’ll notice at the very beginning the guest is making some strange noises that don’t need to be in the recording. If the guest’s voice had been on the same track with the interviewer, it would have been very difficult to remove those unwanted noises.

You can hear in the after editing audio sample that we removed the unwanted noise from the guest as well as some hiss.  We also adjusted the volumes of each track so the interviewer’s and guest’s volumes were generally the same  level. After that, we saved the stereo recording as a mono recording, combining the two voices on one track to make it sound more natural.

If you’d like to learn more about Audiobag’s audio editing and enhancing service, visit our Audio Editing page.

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