How to remove a spike (crackle or pop) noise in your podcast

I was listening to a podcast the other day on one of my late afternoon walks (yes, we can take walks in the middle of winter here in Central Texas), and I was amazed that the podcast had an annoying spike noise throughout the show. I contacted the podcaster and offered up some quick advice on how to easily remove the noise. I thought I’d pass it along here as well.

Here’s how to make a spike noise in your recording disappear using Adobe Audition:

  1. Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool in Adobe Audition (It looks like a small band aide on the  top menu bar)
  2. Switch to the Spectral Frequency Display mode (you get into that mode by clicking the “Show Spectral Frequency Display” button  —  the reddish-looking icon on the menu bar)
  3. Place the Spot Healing Brush Tool just over the top of the spike noise (the noise will look like a straight line on the Spectral Frequency display) and swipe down slowly over the noise (use can hold down the shift key to make the brush tool move perfectly straight)

We edit and enhance podcasts on a regular basis at Audiobag. You can learn more about our service here.

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